bella and chloe, January portrait

There are absolutely no flies on Alison and David… We had their photoshoot on the 4th of January, and they came to choose images of their stunning girls for their album and frames within three weeks.

The two girls are chalk and cheese and were an utter delight to capture. We had a lovely couple of hours at Kirkstall Abbey and I feel their individual personalities (and those of all the family) shine through in their images.bella & chloe 2014-38bella & chloe 2014-13bella & chloe 2014-14bella & chloe 2014-33bella & chloe 2014-23bella & chloe 2014-40bella & chloe 2014-41bella & chloe 2014-26bella & chloe 2014-39bella & chloe 2014-49bella & chloe 2014-52bella & chloe 2014-54bella & chloe 2014-69bella & chloe 2014-64bella & chloe 2014-59bella & chloe 2014-57bella & chloe 2014-55bella & chloe 2014-74bella & chloe 2014-79bella & chloe 2014-78bella & chloe 2014-87bella & chloe 2014-81bella & chloe 2014-88