bonita rose’s christening album

Look who came to the studio with her mum and dad to collect her christening album! She is all hair, smiles, ruffled knickers, no’s and yes’s and crawling allover the place… I just loved seeing Bonita again, how she is growing, and I can’t wait to photograph her first birthday party next weekend.bonita studio visit 2013-2bonita studio visit 2013-8bonita studio visit 2013-16christmas albums 2013-12bonita studio visit 2013-19christmas albums 2013-22bonita studio visit 2013-20christmas albums 2013-17bonita studio visit 2013-22christmas albums 2013-14christmas albums 2013-15christmas albums 2013-16bonita studio visit 2013-24christmas albums 2013-18bonita studio visit 2013-26christmas albums 2013-20christmas albums 2013-21bonita studio visit 2013-25christmas albums 2013-19bonita studio visit 2013-23