callum and isla

When I arrived at Callum and Isla’s house to do their natural family photoshoot a couple of weeks ago, things were very, very natural… They were getting wrapped up by Catriona and Andrew ready to play in their garden, where the escape artist rabbit was roaming free. There were pulleys and ropes everywhere, attached to doors and runs, and low and behold (after being free overnight) food tempted the rabbit into his cage. Callum caught him, which was brilliant, as it gave him a rabbit run to play in, and made for some fantastic images! The little things eh…callum & isla 2014-16callum & isla 2014-17callum & isla 2014-23callum & isla 2014-24callum & isla 2014-30callum & isla 2014-32callum & isla 2014-33callum & isla 2014-35callum & isla 2014-37callum & isla 2014-47callum & isla 2014-49callum & isla 2014-53callum & isla 2014-56callum & isla 2014-60callum & isla 2014-61callum & isla 2014-63callum & isla 2014-65callum & isla 2014-67callum & isla 2014-74callum & isla 2014-75