the andersons

A couple of weeks ago I spent a really great afternoon in York capturing the Anderson family. They were one of the winners of The Pig and Pastry Cafe fundraising raffle last year, and Jill wanted to capture the children being themselves on the Knavesmire, near their home. Being themselves was really interesting… Molly is quite quiet, very beautiful and has a lovely gentle personality. Her brother George and sister Eliza (and the dog Largo) well they are a bit different… Have a look, I think you’ll get the picture!the andersons 2014-2the andersons 2014-10the andersons 2014-19the andersons 2014-21the andersons 2014-23the andersons 2014-25the andersons 2014-31the andersons 2014-32the andersons 2014-33the andersons 2014-35the andersons 2014-36the andersons 2014-38the andersons 2014-41the andersons 2014-49the andersons 2014-51the andersons 2014-53the andersons 2014-55the andersons 2014-58the andersons 2014-60the andersons 2014-63the andersons 2014-64the andersons 2014-68the andersons 2014-69the andersons 2014-73the andersons 2014-76the andersons 2014-78the andersons 2014-79the andersons 2014-82the andersons 2014-89the andersons 2014-91the andersons 2014-92the andersons 2014-93the andersons 2014-96the andersons 2014-98