the flear family

In every family there is always one who is a little bit bonkers and quirky… When I first met the three Flear boys I thought I had them sussed (as very quickly it became apparent that the youngest, Adam, is a real character.) However as the photoshoot progressed I realised that all three boys had their moments.

Now if all three of them are a little bit barking, where does that leave their parents Jo and Chris… as it had to come from somewhere!flear family 2014-4flear family 2014-7flear family 2014-10flear family 2014-11flear family 2014-23flear family 2014-29flear family 2014-31flear family 2014-36flear family 2014-38flear family 2014-39flear family 2014-41flear family 2014-42flear family 2014-44flear family 2014-46flear family 2014-53flear family 2014-56flear family 2014-58flear family 2014-52flear family 2014-61flear family 2014-62flear family 2014-68flear family 2014-70flear family 2014-74