bishopthorpe road and le tour

All the businesses on Bishopthorpe Road made a real effort for their street party and Le Tour. I loved all the yellow bikes, bunting and French signage when I had a wander down the street (after Eggs Benedict in The Pig and Pastry, oh la la!)

I was in France when all the festivities happened, so I was so pleased I captured the street in all its glory before I went away…bishy road tour 2014-6bishy road tour 2014-9bishy road tour 2014-10bishy road tour 2014-11bishy road tour 2014-15bishy road tour 2014-19bishy road tour 2014-25bishy road tour 2014-26bishy road tour 2014-28bishy road tour 2014-30bishy road tour 2014-29bishy road tour 2014-33bishy road tour 2014-42