bonita rose in the pig and pastry… again!

Bonita and her parents came up from Chesterfield a couple of weeks ago to collect their CD of images from our photoshoot in May (really it was an excuse to eat at The Pig and Pastry again.) I can’t believe how much Bonita has grown and how her personality is developing.

My Mum is Bonita’s number one fan, so she came along too to meet the family. After all, Zoe calls me their ‘family photographer’ so it is only fair that she met some of my family too!bonita and mum 2014-1bonita and mum 2014-4bonita and mum 2014-9bonita and mum 2014-11bonita and mum 2014-6bonita and mum 2014-10bonita and mum 2014-8bonita and mum 2014-14bonita and mum 2014-12