chamonix market

Mais non, I forgot to share the amazing French produce at Chamonix market… Where tomatoes taste like tomatoes, the cheeses and meats are just delicious, and the vegetables and fruits have been sun ripened to perfection.chamonix 2014-132chamonix 2014-136chamonix 2014-139chamonix 2014-152chamonix 2014-154chamonix 2014-156chamonix 2014-181chamonix 2014-144chamonix 2014-161chamonix 2014-148chamonix 2014-167chamonix 2014-143chamonix 2014-169chamonix 2014-174chamonix 2014-175chamonix 2014-158chamonix 2014-162chamonix 2014-164chamonix 2014-159chamonix 2014-171chamonix 2014-184chamonix 2014-182chamonix 2014-180