My Fuji rangefinder went to France with me a couple of weeks ago for a wonderful week with my cousin Carla. Here are some fabulous memories of Chamonix. There will be more images of Annecy, Les Houches, the market, and my cousin and her family to follow soon.chamonix 2014-16chamonix 2014-13chamonix 2014-3chamonix 2014-19chamonix 2014-21chamonix 2014-24chamonix 2014-26chamonix 2014-27chamonix 2014-31chamonix 2014-36chamonix 2014-37chamonix 2014-42chamonix 2014-50chamonix 2014-52chamonix 2014-57chamonix 2014-59chamonix 2014-40chamonix 2014-95chamonix 2014-98chamonix 2014-116chamonix 2014-117chamonix 2014-122chamonix 2014-124chamonix 2014-100