edith and maggie

Meet Edith and Maggie, best of pals… Edith is a giggler and she was a joy to capture with her Mum and Dad a few weeks ago. And Maggie gave me her best toothy smile on our lovely photoshoot in York, they both made my job a real pleasure.Edith 2014-3Edith 2014-2Edith 2014-19Edith 2014-16Edith 2014-26Edith 2014-31Edith 2014-32Edith 2014-42Edith 2014-43Edith 2014-45Edith 2014-51Edith 2014-54Edith 2014-55Edith 2014-61Edith 2014-62Edith 2014-11