east india food photography

I was recently commissioned to capture some stunning dishes for the East India Company. This delicious food will be a part of the company’s new restaurant venture, the sophisticated yet accessible tea lounges celebrating the traditional English High Tea. The restaurants will offer all day dining from Breakfast to Supper in a comfortable appealing environment.

The Menu for the Restaurant has been created by Steve Love (Chef/Proprietor of the three AA rosette Loves Restaurant in Birmingham). Working together with Steve and Claire Love, I had the pleasure of capturing their mouth-watering food in the beautiful light of The Lake District.

As the East India Company is synonymous with luxury food, using exotic ingredients and remarkable connections, I felt very honoured to be involved in capturing a part of this exciting quintessentially British brand.

I hope you enjoy the results of our labour, as much as I enjoyed capturing and sampling it.EIC March 2015-143EIC March 2015-293EIC March 2015-79EIC March 2015-274EIC March 2015-217EIC March 2015-328EIC March 2015-350EIC March 2015-71EIC March 2015-140EIC March 2015-108EIC March 2015-93EIC March 2015-284EIC March 2015-338EIC March 2015-202EIC March 2015-281EIC March 2015-194EIC March 2015-219EIC March 2015-232EIC March 2015-231EIC March 2015-319EIC March 2015-309EIC March 2015-237EIC March 2015-92EIC March 2015-173EIC March 2015-228EIC March 2015-248EIC March 2015-255EIC March 2015-161EIC March 2015-76EIC March 2015-112EIC March 2015-137EIC March 2015-100EIC March 2015-216EIC March 2015-18EIC March 2015-263EIC March 2015-313EIC March 2015-271EIC March 2015-340