croque monsieur

Last week I was salivating over Croque Monsieur’s sandwiches, cakes and salads, whilst I was capturing them for the cafe’s website and printed advertising.

I was really impressed with their coffee (their barista knows how to get superb texture from milk) and I enjoyed a flat white, and then another… Be rude not to when the coffee is that good!Croque Monsieur 2015-1Croque Monsieur 2015-8Croque Monsieur 2015-26Croque Monsieur 2015-30Croque Monsieur 2015-38Croque Monsieur 2015-17Croque Monsieur 2015-35Croque Monsieur 2015-42Croque Monsieur 2015-45Croque Monsieur 2015-141Croque Monsieur 2015-60Croque Monsieur 2015-97Croque Monsieur 2015-78Croque Monsieur 2015-76Croque Monsieur 2015-134Croque Monsieur 2015-79Croque Monsieur 2015-85Croque Monsieur 2015-88Croque Monsieur 2015-144Croque Monsieur 2015-124Croque Monsieur 2015-89Croque Monsieur 2015-92Croque Monsieur 2015-159Croque Monsieur 2015-105Croque Monsieur 2015-109Croque Monsieur 2015-127Croque Monsieur 2015-135Croque Monsieur 2015-147Croque Monsieur 2015-161Croque Monsieur 2015-166