flutterbabies baby swimming

Last week I enjoyed getting wet to capture some gorgeous babies, who were taking part in a fantastic Flutterbabies swimming course with their mums and dads.

Developing confidence in the water is so important for little ones, and at Flutterbabies this confidence builds with fun, bonding and making new friends as a wonderful added bonus.

Thank you to all the parents and babies who allowed me capture them in action, and I will look forward to seeing you starring on Samantha’s website soon.flutterbabies swimming 2015-100flutterbabies swimming 2015-112flutterbabies swimming 2015-51flutterbabies swimming 2015-60flutterbabies swimming 2015-63flutterbabies swimming 2015-70flutterbabies swimming 2015-78flutterbabies swimming 2015-79flutterbabies swimming 2015-95flutterbabies swimming 2015-40flutterbabies swimming 2015-116flutterbabies swimming 2015-117flutterbabies swimming 2015-152flutterbabies swimming 2015-80flutterbabies swimming 2015-120flutterbabies swimming 2015-129flutterbabies swimming 2015-143flutterbabies swimming 2015-149flutterbabies swimming 2015-156flutterbabies swimming 2015-162flutterbabies swimming 2015-186flutterbabies swimming 2015-154flutterbabies swimming 2015-189flutterbabies swimming 2015-161flutterbabies swimming 2015-173flutterbabies swimming 2015-187flutterbabies swimming 2015-195flutterbabies swimming 2015-190flutterbabies swimming 2015-192flutterbabies swimming 2015-6