mitchell & urwin, finished homes

I have been busy on building sites all over our region over the past few months, capturing some of the different projects that Mitchell & Urwin have built, so that they can showcase them on their new website.

Here are some of the superb houses that they have provided the bricks and specialist stone features for in Yorkshire. And their team of bricklayers, surveyors and site managers have built .

I have really enjoyed the diversity of this commission, and I will be posting the results of my shoot at Mitchell & Urwin’s Head Office soon. mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-54mitchell & urwin 4th 2015-106mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-94mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-51mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-98mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-163mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-103mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-50mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-120mitchell & urwin 1st 2015-98mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-133mitchell & urwin 4th 2015-108mitchell and urwin 5th 2015-21mitchell & urwin 3rd 2015-167mitchell & urwin 4th 2015-86mitchell and urwin 5th 2015-13mitchell and urwin 5th 2015-56mitchell and urwin 5th 2015-104mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-34mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-116mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-17mitchell and urwin 6th 2015-143mitchell & urwin 4th 2015-98