bonita manchester

It was a task and a half choosing a selection of images to share with you from Bonita’s first portrait of 2015.

My she has grown since last year and she has even more curls now. It is an absolute joy being in her company and I love being her Aunty Carrot!bonita manchester 2015-9bonita manchester 2015-16bonita manchester 2015-19bonita manchester 2015-23bonita manchester 2015-1bonita manchester 2015-56bonita manchester 2015-20bonita manchester 2015-26bonita manchester 2015-27bonita manchester 2015-34bonita manchester 2015-36bonita manchester 2015-33bonita manchester 2015-39bonita manchester 2015-41bonita manchester 2015-44bonita manchester 2015-46bonita manchester 2015-48bonita manchester 2015-53bonita manchester 2015-50bonita manchester 2015-55bonita manchester 2015-60bonita manchester 2015-75bonita manchester 2015-76bonita manchester 2015-62bonita manchester 2015-64bonita manchester 2015-72bonita manchester 2015-70bonita manchester 2015-74bonita manchester 2015-61bonita manchester 2015-59