fluidyoga with lara

Finding the style of yoga which suits you and your body can be really difficult. And as with any learning process, the person who teaches you and your relationship with them is crucial.

So when I was commissioned to photograph a class with my favourite yoga teacher, Lara, it was both an honour and a torture.

I recently captured my fellow yogis stretching, lengthening, releasing and strengthening their bodies, whilst feeling energised, and finally, blissfully relaxed. And all the time I was wishing I could join in with Lara’s fantastic class!fluidyoga 2015-48fluidyoga 2015-128fluidyoga 2015-31fluidyoga 2015-33fluidyoga 2015-60fluidyoga 2015-40fluidyoga 2015-57fluidyoga 2015-50fluidyoga 2015-39fluidyoga 2015-67fluidyoga 2015-86fluidyoga 2015-61fluidyoga 2015-70fluidyoga 2015-98fluidyoga 2015-74fluidyoga 2015-138fluidyoga 2015-104fluidyoga 2015-189fluidyoga 2015-109fluidyoga 2015-116fluidyoga 2015-149fluidyoga 2015-122fluidyoga 2015-134fluidyoga 2015-139fluidyoga 2015-141fluidyoga 2015-175fluidyoga 2015-148fluidyoga 2015-146fluidyoga 2015-151fluidyoga 2015-150fluidyoga 2015-200fluidyoga 2015-173